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Learning for Life

Bannockburn College promotes the development of all learners through the provision of quality teaching and learning programs in a caring and secure learning environment.

At Bannockburn College we aim:

  • To foster the natural curiosity of children through inquiry and problem-solving
  • To provide a broad-based stimulating curriculum
  • To encourage success and to give every child a sense of self-belief and confidence
  • To give children the opportunity to achieve high standards in all learning areas
  • To provide high quality, exemplary teaching and learning programs


At Bannockburn P-12 College student learning is our highest priority. We believe that all students can learn to their fullest potential. Our students will develop their individual talents and be actively engaged in their learning. They will have the opportunity to be curious and creative. We will collectively and collaboratively build a safe, orderly learning environment that promotes high standards. The pursuit of excellence is the shared responsibility of the whole College community. We will provide students with the tools needed for ‘Learning for Life’.


Our College community’s vision is to inspire a passion for learning and a commitment to excellence.

Our Values

Bannockburn College emphasises the development of the following key values: Curiosity, Achievement, Respect, Empathy.