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BYOD Program


Welcome to the Bannockburn College Bring Your Own Device for learning (BYOD)
Program. This is a 1:1 program where each student has their own portable device,
promoting learning anywhere, at any time. Your child will own and bring their own
device (BYOD) to school every day. As students own their device, the responsibility for it’s care and use as a learning tool is strengthened. The BYOD Program supports our vision for academic excellence, innovation and creativity. we are currently transitioning to a school-wide program. Our program offers competitive prices for the required iPad and/or Laptops for students.

Please log in to the JB HiFi site by selecting the link and entering the passcode (on page 2) of the document below. This document also contains further information and recommended device specifications. You may purchase through JB Hi-Fi or another provider of your choosing.

  BYOD Information 2021