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Bannockburn College offers a French language programme from across all year levels. The learning of a language is essential to develop cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

At Bannockburn College we believe that the learning of another language enhances our student’s cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills and confidence. In addition it enables students to develop a broader understanding of another language and culture, and how this varies from their own. Studying a second language also enhances and builds on student’s literacy skills in English.

Students study French with a trained language teacher and a native language assistant. Every primary student undertakes one 50 minute session of French per week; secondary students undertake two 50 minute sessions. The program aims to foster our student’s ability to speak and converse confidently and aptly in the target language.

The program is organized around topics, such as self, family, school, etc. The classroom activities are varied and include the essential elements of reading, writing, listening with a particular focus on spoken French. In addition students are given the opportunity to sing, dance, engage in role-plays and play games to consolidate their understanding of the key vocabulary and grammar. Students also make use of a variety of iPad Apps in the classroom aimed at engaging and challenging their skills.

The program endeavours to develop strong ties with our French sister-school and students have been working on a number of activities such as sharing recipes, photos and information about our students, community and school life with our French friends. Various events are also held within the school to enhance student’s learning and parental/community involvement in both language learning and cultural understanding.