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Food Technology

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Food Technology at Bannockburn College is a holistic approach to food education.  Students learn the importance of eating seasonally, making healthy food choices and the core skills to be able to prepare food.

Food Curriculum

“Develop curriculum around issues and problems that have local, national and world significance through Big Questions.”

Sustainability is a consistent theme that runs through all teaching within the Food Technology program. Answering the big question ‘what can you do to be more sustainable?’ encompasses 21st Century Learning Skills into the teaching and learning framework.  All cooking lessons are a hands on learning experience of the sustainability theory and are offered to our secondary students.

“My aim is to promote broad social change in health and nutrition through cooking and food studies.”  Mr Tyson Inglis, Food Technology Teacher

Contributing to the School and Wider Community

Holistic food education extends beyond the classroom.  Teaching children to grow and prepare their own food is proven to have a positive impact on the food choices students make.  Research shows that engaged and excited students are likely to share their new skills with their family.

Here at Bannockburn College, life skills are at the core of teaching Food Technology.  Students are encouraged to eat fresh seasonal produce, make healthy choices, set the table and have conversations around shared food.

Seasonal Produce Donations

Our secondary students welcome any fresh seasonal produce that you grow at home and have in abundance.

Menus are designed around these donations and delicious meals created by our students.

Should you wish to donate any fresh seasonal produce please contact Ms Daniella Lozar via email  [email protected].

Creation of the Month – Lebanese Feast

Seasonal Donations

Hummus and Tabbouleh