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Bannockburn P-12 College Instrumental Music Program compliments and builds on the College’s flourishing Performing Arts Program.

We recognise the value of an inclusive, dynamic and high quality music program within the College and wider community. This program provides extensive opportunities for all students who learn a musical instrument at the College. This includes regular performance events throughout the year, opportunities for students to participate in other areas of the Performing Arts and help build the foundation for a strong, inclusive and cohesive program.

Staff who offer Private Instrumental Music Tuition lessons at the College, have a wealth of teaching and industry experience and will work with the College Music Director and Performing Arts teachers to provide high quality teaching and learning experiences for our students.

The Performing Arts Program includes:

College Band Instrumental Music Program

The College Band Instrumental Music Program provides group lessons on Woodwind, Brass and Percussion instruments and the opportunity to rehearse and perform in a new College Ensemble. Members of the College’s Concert Band join a vibrant community of young musicians building performance skills, self-confidence, teamwork, discipline and having great fun in the process. The band performs regularly throughout the year, providing students with the opportunity to apply their learning in authentic settings.

Bannockburn College recognises the value of an inclusive music program within the College and wider community. The instrumental and band program have been consolidated to link all areas of the Performing Arts faculty. This ensures that the College will provide quality opportunities for all students who learn a musical instrument at the College.

Staff who offer lessons within the College Band Program have a wealth of teaching and industry experience and work with the College Music Director and teaching staff to provide high quality teaching and learning.

College Band Instrumental Music lessons are group lessons offered to students from Years 5 and above, on Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone and Percussion (please note students learn to play a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments). Students from Year 7 and above are also offered Saxophone.

A Lesson Fee plus either Ensemble Fee or Combined Fee is required, not both.

Lesson Fees
$125 per year – 30 min group lesson (up to 4 students).
Ensemble Fee
$40 per year – This is for students who own their own instrument. This fee helps cover the cost of Ensemble Music and Ensemble Resources.
Combined Fee (Instrument Hire & Ensemble Fee)
$100 per year – This covers the cost of hiring and instrument for the College year and also includes the Ensemble Fee.

Private Instrumental Music Tuition

Private Instrumental Music Tuition is offered on Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Drum and Voice. Lessons run on a sessional basis with teachers coming in from outside the College. Lessons are timetabled throughout the school day.

Lesson Fees
The cost per 30 minute lesson is $30 and is to be arranged and paid directly with the teacher at the time of the lesson

Enrolment forms and hire forms for all programs are available via Compass and from the College Office. If you are enrolled but have not yet begun at our College, please fill out the expression of interest form below. 

 Music Program Expression of Interest Form

Skills Children Learn in Band

Self Regulation

Learning mindfulness. Being aware of our bodies responses, why they happen and ways to help self regulate.


Ability to go from learning notes and rhythms to producing music instils in your child a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.


Hand, eye, body, posture, and thought and motor skills all working together are the basics for playing an instrument. These skills transfer to many other aspects of life.


Every child wants to be part of a group. Band allows everyone to “be on the team” and to play an important role.


The skill to perceive and derive meaning from musical sounds sharpens your child’s ability to comprehend abstractions.


Learning the basics of music language and interpreting music through performance teaches your child the ability to understand a problem and reach an appropriate solution.


Learning all of the basics of music and applying them correctly takes perception and discipline.

Arts Appreciation

The words beauty, serenity and excitement come to life with each musical performance. These feeling help children appreciate all forms of the art.

Logical Reasoning

When your child learns to analyze a musical work from all perspectives, both inductive and deductive reasoning grow stronger.


Music offers the ability to cultivate our feelings and thoughts through non-verbal means and to recognize how cultures utilize music for personal use.


Your child learns to classify by learning to identify different types and styles of music and time periods, history and genres of music from around the world.

Value Judgments

Learning to comprehend, consider, and evaluate in music can help your child make a decision and uphold value judgments in other aspects of life.

Using Symbols and Languages

Learning to read, write, interpret musical notation strengthens the use of other symbol systems, such as mathematics and language. Several different foreign languages are introduced through musical terminology.

Self Regulation

Learning mindfulness. Being aware of our bodies responses, why they happen and ways to help self regulate.

1.Downing Middle College Band – “12 Skills Children Learn in Band”.

Other Resources and Information

A great website to “explore” different instruments.

Downing Middle College Band – A great website re why you should choose band, great resources.

Under Future Member Information -Section titled “See and Hear Instruments” – Video links to different instruments so that students can explore the instruments.

A Video to explain the benefits of playing an instrument.

Ted Talks – “How playing and instrument benefits your brain.”

Video YouTube -4min 45sec.