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Bus Information

Bus 1

Please find College bus information below, forms can be returned to the College Office, if you have any further questions please contact the College Office on (03) 5281 1755.

Eligible Students

Primary and Secondary students that live more than 4.8kms from Bannockburn College and attend the College as their nearest government or non-government school, are eligible for free travel on country school bus services.

If you fit the above eligibility criteria and also live more than 4.8km from the closest stop, you are eligible to apply for Conveyance Allowance. It is the responsibility of the parent to make this application, the College will not contact you to prompt applications. 

Other Students

Students that live more than 4.8kms from Bannockburn College and attend the College although it is not their nearest school, may still apply to travel as fare payers, on country school bus services if there are spare seats available. Please note preference has to be given to eligible students first, and these seats may therefore become unavailable at any time throughout the year if seats are limited and more eligible students join the bus service.

Further Information

Applications for Conveyance Allowance should be made directly through Bannockburn College via the forms below, but are handled by PTV. Please note that while the College can make requests of PTV, it is PTV themselves that determine bus routes and Bannockburn College will authorise/determine eligibility, the College communicates all route information and placements as soon as possible after receiving them from PTV.


There are be 5 bus routes currently as follows.
*Please note stops are indicative only, bus parents will be given an updated list of stops and stop times, once approved for travel. Bus routes are subject to change at the discretion of PTV.

Inverleigh Bus 1:

Steiglitz Bus 2:

Lethbridge: Bus 3

Teesdale Bus 4:

Meredith Bus 5:

Further Information

Further information for bus travel can be viewed via the following link: